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Phil’s Travels – Leeds, England (10.23)


Phil’s Travels – Leeds, England (10.23)

My daytrip to the North started at Sensible O’clock with a train due to depart around 10.00. It left after 10.20. No big deal. I had a comfortable table seat all to myself in a mostly empty carriage. My carriage companions were made up of two screaming babies and a noisome gaggle of kids. Despite the ruckus, I managed to do lots of useful work and handled a couple of calls (with lots of sympathy from my callers for the background noise).

As ever, the skies darkened the further north we travelled, but at least the rain stayed away. The timing for this dash north could not have been better, between two major named storms that hammered the north (Storm Babet the previous week and Storm Ciaran this week).

We snatched a quick lunch at Prêt at Leeds Station, took a taxi to the contractor’s offices, inspected and discussed the updated Mock-up Room, took a taxi back to station, walked around our baby (the upcoming Hyatt) and rode the train home. Neat, tidy and all done in a day.

The train to London was much busier but at least lacking in under-15s to disturb the peace. My seat reservation was worthless because the train was different to the one planned and there was no ‘F Carriage’. Many complained and it was a free for all. Are trains returning to their pre-C19 ways? I hope not. Trains in recent years have been a joy. Finally, many thanks to the Buffet Car announcer for the Halloween themed sales pitch on the PA (Boo!). Very funny and long may he reign on the LNER airwaves.

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