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Christie & Co Outlook 2019


Phil was invited to attend Outlook 2019 according to Christie & Co and attended last week. The star of the show was Andrew Neil, with his take on the UK, Brexit, Europe and Trump. Phil's takeaway nuggets below:

  • Mr Neil stated that his prediction that UK GDP would perform better than expected in 2018 was correct (not sure which data he was 'smoking', but not so according to IMF data used in our Summit presentation the week before).
  • 2020 is shaping up to be a decade of unravelling of the rules-based world order of the post-WWII period. The recent rise of authoritarians could become a new era of totalitarianism, where rules no longer apply across countries.
  • Economic success no longer guarantees political success. In Germany, Europe's most successful and powerful economy of the last 10+ years, Angela is facing the end of her tenure.
  • The economies of the world in 2019, including the UK, will grow, but steady as they go. No recessions predicted.

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