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The acquisition of a hotel or any other substantial piece of real estate in the hospitality arena is not something to be taken lightly.

Unlike most forms of real estate, the value of property in the hotel and hospitality sector is heavily influenced by the cash flows generated by the business being transacted within the premises. A robust and clear understanding of business dynamics in the hospitality arena is therefore essential.

Whitebridge can bring that robustness and clarity to any acquisition within the hospitality spectrum. Members of the team have advised on multiple deals over the last 20 years, representing transaction volumes in the multiple £billions.

We can:

  • provide you with commercial due diligence;
  • undertake detailed background market research to provide an informed assessment to any deal;
  • prepare high level or detailed earnings estimates for the acquisition target or targets in question;
  • provide pricing guidance with regard to values;
  • manage the entire acquisition process on your behalf, working with valuers, engineers, lawyers and accountants to close the deal more efficiently;
  • ensure that you go into a deal with your eyes open and fully aware of all the issues.

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