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Securing the services of a hotel brand to operate a hotel, and perhaps other components within a larger mixed-use development, is a sensitive process.

Any operating agreement must satisfy both the operator and the owner/developer, and negotiating a path between expectations and commercial reality can often require a guiding hand.

Whitebridge has managed operator selection processes on four continents, from provincial budget hotels to large urban hotels to exclusive spa hideaways. Through our extensive work in the mixed-use sector, we also have strong experience in the other forms of operating agreements, from casinos to arenas to branded residential.

We can:

  • assist a developer who is seeking to add value to his project through the appointment of a brand;
  • advise owners of existing hotels in respect of rebranding opportunities;
  • negotiate commercial terms for the owner to ensure a balanced agreement is executed;
  • work with a developer/owner's legal team on the final agreements.

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