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Large mixed use developments can be very challenging - defining and balancing the mix of uses in the right quantities, in the right locations and in the right phasing.

Achieving a high degree of harmony across a range of different uses is the key to an efficient, appealing and profitable project.

Whitebridge is a specialist in conceptual master planning, guiding the process from a commercial and financial perspective. We work very closely with architects, surveyors and engineers in producing a master plan that both meets the client's aspirations and his financial targets. Our team comprises specialists that cover off each element in the hospitality spectrum.

Multi-disciplinary destination creation

In creating a master plan with you, we ask lots of questions, such as:

  • Where do consumers like to visit?
  • Why do consumers visit this region?
  • Where do these consumers come from?
  • What do consumers want to do whilst in the region?
  • How much are consumers willing to pay for services in this region?
  • Who are these consumers?
  • What bearing does the foregoing have on the project under consideration?
  • How can the project be designed so as to tap into these markets or to create new markets?

Based on this information we can:

  • provide market-led design ideas;
  • prepare financial estimates for each use under consideration;
  • provide phasing guidance;
  • work with the architects on specific design issues;
  • prepare detailed reports in support of planning applications, funding, equity raising, operator/occupier strategies and to guide the designers and engineers.

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